10 years in the ring!

In October 2004, I fought my first amateur fight on Muay Thai terms. Therefore, I thought that I would write a few words about how my life changed during that time. I was less than 24 years old then, and for 4 years I trained martial arts, actually Kickboxing with low-kick, which appeared in Poland at the time.

The first fights and Muay Thai tournaments were also organized. Therefore, the competition was not at such a high level yet. Everyone participating in this type of events presented a similar level and I saw in it my chance. Not a chance to become World Champion but the chance to win the first fight in life. Someone who comes to the room for the first time to become a great Master will never be one. You have to measure your strength for intentions and set new goals for yourself slowly. That was also the case in my case. At that time I did not realize how long the road was waiting for me. After each fight, I return to the room as soon as possible to correct mistakes, work on condition, endurance, technique, strength, dynamics .. there is still so much to do. A never-ending story. I’m still learning something, I’m starting to understand things that seemed so difficult. According to my life’s maxim “CHAMPIONS ARE MADE NOT BORN” I go further. After all, the Master is not a man who has a belt but someone who constantly goes ahead despite the adversities. The master who believed that he is immediately ceases to be him. I once saw an interview with Mike Passenier with whom I had the opportunity to train. In the interview, he was talking about the fact that the master gets to know each other not only after he fights but how he enters the halls, how he goes out, how he starts and ends every workout, how he feeds, how he treats other people, how he treats other players. I think it is a lot of reasons.

During these 10 years a lot happened, I got to the National Team, I represented our country, I won various medals, belts, titles, they played a hymn, I fought and won at the biggest Thai stadiums in Bangkok, I met what was human envy and jealousy. I was winning and sometimes I lost but I always found out about myself and others. Something you can not find out of Facebook but only when you put your JA on the scale. I also heard often that I’m too old, that I do not have the flair for it and that I started too late, some people laughed and I always put on my own.

Everything started there at the First Step Competition in Krakow. I do not need any other motivation, I just have to take a look at this video from the first fight, which is now a form of joke for me and then it was a great achievement. I know thanks to him which way I went, where I am and where else I can be. This prompted me to this post and when I calmly think this words “Today I do what others do not want, tomorrow I will do what others will not get up” cease to be just an empty phrase. Watch this short movie from my first fight and answer yourself for one simple question. CAN BE ???

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