Champions are made not born!

“Champions are made not born!”

This sentence is my favorite, because it contains everything that every fighter should know. The player from the normal player usually splits one or a few nuances. All the time I try to improve every aspect of the training.

Since the next hand surgery is over two months and I can not hit her yet, I’m in quite a good shape. I do not want to fall out of this starting mode. To this end, once again I went to Bangkok, where I train now. respectable Thai gyms, among others Saengmorakot, Sasiprapa or the newly formed Elite. In the last one I met Paweł Słowiński, with whom I had the opportunity to parish. Gently speaking, we are different, but Pawel is an experienced player and adjusted the “power” to mine.

Under the supervision of Thai masters I work on clinching, kicks, elbows and knees. I also have my right hand. Out of eight weapons, I miss one, so it’s not so bad If it were not for this unfortunate injury, I would definitely fight at the FEN2 gala, in my hometown of Wroclaw. Here, too, the promoters wanted to see me in the ring on August 23. I will fight for the WKA World Champion title, which is one of the oldest in the world. I think, however, that I can not stand it till now and I will go to the ring sooner.

I will have to deal with it without a left straight and a sickle :)) Below is a short video of sparring with Paweł Słowiński, whom you will see at the next KSW.

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