Professional Gala – Phetchbunch Stadium

Paweł Jędrzejczyk fought on the biggest and the best on the island of Koh Samui – Phetchbunch Stadium on Chaweng Beach. The fight was a good element to complement the camp in Thailand, which has been ongoing since January. Wergi crossed the gloves with a very strong and durable, the Secret of Peley, who had about two hundred professional fights. Peley is the host’s player, who is in the top ten players fighting in Thailand in the category up to 75 kg. The duel was a fight of the evening. Despite the opponent’s class, Paweł fought very well. He prevailed over the opponent with boxing techniques, ended with a kick or knee bump. He effectively avoided the clinch being the domain of the rival. Three times he had Taja on the verge of knockout. Thai judges, however, are faithful to the tradition of their national sport, according to which boxing techniques are omitted at all when scoring. After five minutes of heavy Muay Thai rounds, the referees pointed to their compatriot and Peley won the fight.


However, the corner of the Pole and our player is also very happy with the duel. In Europe, the judges would certainly have scored the other way, in favor of Paweł. And now is the time for the finishing touches in training and preparation for the Muay Thai World Championships in Bangkok (March 2009).

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