Jędrzejczyk vs Groenhart on MFC14!

The names of Clyde Petresa in the world of kickboxing do not need to be presented. He leads one of the most famous gyms in the world in the Netherlands. We talked with Tomasz Makowski, the head of the MFC organization on Friday 27 July. We asked him about the opposition … of Paweł Jędrzejczyk, the current MFC Champion at the gala in Zielona Góra on September 22. At that time, everything was not fit for the last button. The final decision was made during the weekend. – We talked a lot with Clyde Petres, he has a very good opponent for Paweł for the September gala. It’s a very good name – Fernando Groenhart. Fernando also had a different offer to fight, but this for the MFC seemed to him more attractive – stresses “Maku” and adds: – This fight will be a hicior! In the past, Fernando Groenhart fought for very good organizations. I’m glad that we got along with the promoters.

An interesting fact is that Groenhart is the brother of Murthel Groenharta, in the past the winner of the K-1 World MAX tournament. Since 2012, Murthel Groenhart has been associated with Glory. In 2017 he was even the champion of this top organization in the welter category, the title he lost in February 2018. And Paweł Jędrzejczyk? It is not necessary to present this master more extensively. This includes several times WKN and WKA World Champion. He was the first Pole to fight for Glory. If all the titles of Jędrzejczyk were exchanged, a long litany would be made of it. In September 2017 he won the title of Master. Then he beat Guillermo Blokland. Fighting Jędrzejczyk – Groenhart, whose rate will be this master belt, really promises to be amazing. ”

Last minute information. “My immediate fight rate has increased, we will fight for three championship belts, I will defend the title of the MFC organization, of which I am a champion.” The next two titles are prestigious and well-known in the world ISKA and WKA. there are three belts or none, I always fight the same – it gives everything! ” – says Paweł Jędrzejczyk …


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