Paweł after Glory38

I am sorry that I can not write back to everyone but I need a little bit of time for myself. This is really a lot. I want to go home and relieve my family. Participation in such an event is hard work for many days. I hope I have provided you with emotions, beloved. WERGI never gives up and fights to the end! The blows in the Glory ring taste different. This is the champions league and only seemingly everything looks the same.

I felt that I was winning, but I have to watch the fight in a cool way. I know that the “native” must be strongly “beaten” and the fight was equal. He will write more for some time, but the verdict is the decision of the judges, which I do not undermine. I WILL GIVE THERE A GOOD FIGHT AND EMOTIONS. And I did it! THANK YOU!!! We invite you to the gallery and watch the fight!

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