Petchbuncha Stadium – 6.02.2012

On February 6, Paweł fought a very hard fight at Petchbunch Stadium. Despite the clear advantage in each of the rounds, he lost to points. Verdicts in Thailand because of betting, are governed by their own laws. Often wins not the player who was better, but the one on whom more money was raised. In fact, only a knockout gives you 100% confidence in winning.

Paweł said after the fight: “… I played every round. It was a really tough fight and the opponent was really good … today I have legs so broken that I can hardly walk. Until I’m afraid to think what tomorrow’s adrenaline will come down. I will not mention a few stitches on my head …. ” Below we present the whole fight, we encourage you to watch a great duel, whose verdict is certainly wrong!


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