Wergi’s trainings plan

I will answer you what I did then during the training. For many years I have been holding a notebook in which I record how I train. Thanks to that, I got to know my body. After many years, I know in which period should I put aside weight training, when it’s best to start working on the speed before the approaching fight, or when and how many sparrings to perform. Thanks to the saved observations I know how “MY” the body reacts to any type of training in a given period. I have applications in preparation for all professional fights in one place. It would seem that now only the repetition of the pattern is left. Nothing more wrong. My body changes with age and I have to adjust the load to the releasing regeneration process.

What does it mean?. I have to train less to get a better effect. I am a type of pracusia and it was difficult for me to see it. I used to train twice a day from Monday to Saturday and it was good. The slogan of overtraining does not exist is nonsense. A way of motivating people who have hundreds of excuses. Overtraining exists and training planning is something that should be done not only by every professional but also by someone who wants to achieve their goal. If the number of hours spent in the room was a measure of success, I would live on it. That’s why when I see guests who say they are training 6 hours a day in the Netherlands or Thailand, I want to laugh. Such a camp made once in a while actually brings results but repeated repeatedly misses the goal. The fact that once this type of workout did not mean you get the same effect in the next preparatory cycle. Of course there is a “general” scheme that I stick to but I always “listen” to what my body says to me!

I have been training in Thailand or the Netherlands many times but always there were 4-6 week camps. When I met the same players there every year, I watched them “retreat” in their physical development. They were simply “pulled in”. For example, in 2010, I was preparing for the first defense of the WKN World Champion title. The preparations were long and the camp in the mountains, although it lasted ten days, I ran to Kasprowy Wierch three times from different directions. I do not count even more trips to peaks ended with shielding or strength training. Today, when I look at it myself, I say ESTATE!

In my life I did a lot of workouts for nothing. If I did not do them I would get a better effect. I know, however, that explaining this to a young player who wants to conquer the world is bordering on a miracle. Am I the same player today as I was eight years ago? No! I am a more experienced player but also an older one, therefore I have to train differently. In the preparations for this fight I made about one hundred rounds of sparrings with various, and very demanding for those times, players. The effect was that the fight was mediocre. I have not seen it completely until today. However, I drew conclusions and started to change my trainings. You watch movies on which I run, hit shields or do weight training. Do you think that there is no order and composition? Nothing more wrong. Just like training in Thailand which sometimes “blows” with the physiology of sport has its hidden meaning. Shields every day? daily runs? everyday clinch? At first glance for the “scientist” Amit Batra nonsense. Every day is different. The discs change and once they make you with stamina and once the power and capacity of phosphagen, although they do not know it themselves 🙂 When you start to be there with such a respectable player that your opinion counts and you still have influence on it, training in Thai Camps is first class!

Added to this is “CZYSTA GŁOWA” and this is the topic for the next post … IN SUM: – Each body is different and needs changing stimuli to get better and better results – The regeneration process is very important and should not be underestimated – long-term training planning will give you better results. (Bodybuilder doing it, he should also do kickboxer) Yes I know, someone will say SIMPLE and NATIVE..hmm … I’m not so sure 🙂 As a curiosity I will add that I am able to count you how many rounds since the beginning of the cooperation I did with Tariel Zandukeli 🙂 .. not so much … I have grubbed up in Thailand. Well, but I would have to have motivation to sit it 🙂 P.S and these notebooks with notes will someday have a lot of value 🙂 With a sports greeting WERGI

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