Lost in Nowa Sol

Paweł Jędrzejczyk did not manage to defend the championship belt. Despite the very overworked preparatory period, despite 100 rounds of sparring fights, a conditioning camp in Zakopane and hard training under the supervision of Janusz Janowski – the ring turned out to be (negatively) a surprising oracle.

Wergi’s opponent – an Egyptian Abdel Kader Ahmed – is a very embarrassed player. He won championship titles in Egypt, he also reached for world chemtion in sandza. In addition, it has excellent conditions (high, large range of arms), boxing preparation and unusual style (unusual, left-handed style). From the beginning of the fight events did not follow Paul’s mind.

Ahmed was very difficult to hit, he also did not take any initiative – he just waited, feeling for boxing counterattacks. He efficiently ran away from low-kickers, which Wergi “did not enter”, crossing only the air in the hall. Already in the first round he hit some straight blows, crossing the plans and assumptions of the Pole. Within 5 rounds (the WKN World Championship fight takes 5 rounds for 3 minutes) – Wergi could not find a recipe for a higher rival despite ambitious trials and various ideas.

There was no change in the pace of the fight, the consequence of the Ahmed style was breaking the assumptions of the Polish corner. The advantage of growth also shortened the possibility of hitting the knees – which made Paweł lose another advantage. And although Paweł’s high guard did not drop, and the determination to fight was visible until the last second, the rival did not stare for a moment.

After 15 minutes of fighting, the judges counted the points and pointed to the Egyptian, as the new World Champion WKN. A deserved victory, we congratulate the team from Cairo. However, from our side we assure you that despite the defeat of weapons we do not submit: conditioning and strength preparation will pay off for the next weeks and months, and the will to fight is not diminished. We would like to thank all the faithful supporters for their support and see you soon at Iron Fist (November 6, Szczecin).

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