Training in Thailand

After the training camp in Zakopane, Paweł went to the homeland of Muay Thai once again, under the supervision of Thai masters, he raises his skills.

“This time I will not fight again. After breaking my hand, I did not wait, but the doctor recommended that I wait some time. I can visit a few gyms and train with different players. in the famous Sangmorakot gym. We started at 6 o’clock in the morning. It sounds boring 🙂 but here it is not a problem like in Poland. First run about 40 minutes, intensely, then normally – strong shield (work with trainer-simulation of the fight), round of 5 It’s really a lot, in other gyms it is shorter but usually equally hard. Next we finish a few rounds on the bag and 30-40 minutes clinch without a break. Strength strength is my strong side but the smaller players above all the Thai people can get tired :). about this concept. They also know what is good fun, everything is with a smile on the face. During the training, one of the trainers walked around the gym and played a guitar on me 🙂


I also visited an old friend from the time when I was training on the island of Koh Samui at WMC Camp. Trainer Gae is a guest of my age and trainings for him is a hell:) He works in Elite Boxing. A powerful shield is a standard but even during the clinch he pulled me off the player and told me to kick 20 times per leg.Klincz I did with Berneung-recently won the title significant WPMF organization … this guy is vice 🙂 He is currently training at the Lamai Muay Thai Camp on Koh Samui. I fought for this gym many times because I come back here with fondness.

The team of old trainers has crumbled and is no longer the same as it used to be but they are new, young and also involved. He is training with a boy who can get me well. There are also a few players with whom you can work out well. I am choosing the training load myself. I am experienced and I know that too much does not mean any better. And in this country some do not know moderation 🙂 “








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