Battle from Wrocław

On October 24, Paweł Jędrzejczyk fought a hard, fierce and even fight against the strong secret of Thanelek in Wroclaw’s orbit hall. He lost the decision of the judges. The fight was recognized by the commentators as the best for this gala. Here’s what Paul wrote on his facebook:

“When you win, everyone wins, when you lose, you lose alone”. And I’m just “losing” today … ALONE. For a man who sacrifices his whole life, only the victory counts. You’re good fighter, with big heart, good player … I do not know,maybe, but I know that WMC belt as well as your pride have gone into non-existence. I really wanted to win at my place and I did everything I could. Thank you to my supporters and colleagues for the countless words of support that come to me all the time. Those who are with me for good and for bad, I will never forget it … Now I need to rest .. ” Regards, Wergi!
Here you will see Photos from the fight.

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