Wergi & Fight Exclusive Night!

Paweł Jędrzejczyk will fight at the FEN organization…

33 year old world champion in Kickboxing Paweł Jędrzejczyk representing Wrocław is another titled competitor who will cooperate with the FEN group organizing the Fight Exclusive Night gala. The currently injured Muay Thai fighter is expected to perform at one of the upcoming FEN gal in London, England or in Gdansk on July 12th. Paweł will be the guest of honor of the next Fight Exclusive Night 2 gala. Certainly, the audience will have the opportunity to contact the Polish master directly, to talk or to take the autograph. Jędrzejczyk, nicknamed “Wergi” is one of the most successful Kickboxing players and the first Pole to fight and win the battle at the legendary Rajadamnern Stadium in the Thai capital in Bangkok. He has also won fights in other arenas in Thailand.

Despite many offers for fighting in the MMA formula, Jędrzejczyk does not say no, but currently he focuses on rehabilitation and preparation for fighting on the principles of K-1 and Muay Thai. Probably in such formulas we will watch him at the Fight Exclusive Night gala. The Wroclaw competitor also fought at the famous Lumpinee Stadium, which is the Mecca of contemporary Muay Thai fights and foreigners rarely fight it. Jędrzejczyk was invited to participate and the Thai promoters appreciate him and are happy to see him on their galas. Paweł is also the world champion of the World Kickboxing Network, and this year he is to fight for the WKA world champion belt – the oldest existing Kickboxing organization in the world.”


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