Wergi World Champion WKA 2014

The fight was contracted for five three minute rounds WKA World Champion Belt in ThaiBoxing. Josip Balentovich put a strong resistance to Paweł from the first seconds of the fight. It was obvious that he did not come to Poronin until he was paid off and he wanted to fight for victory.

 The player from Wroclaw, returning after a 15-month break, needed a moment to find his battle rhythm and take the initiative. The tactics for Paweł’s fight were strong entrenching of the opponent’s legs. Tactical assumptions were effective and after the fourth round, it was clear that the Croat was leaving for a break with a grimace of pain on his face.

The fifth round was an expectation, after which the low kick of the Croat’s leg would refuse to obey. It happened fairly quickly and the judging fight of the famous Jopie Ubeda interrupted the duel. The verdict was just a formality. Paweł Jędrzejczyk after an interesting fight won the title of WKA World Champion Muay Thai in the category up to 81 kg. After a 15-month break, he was very successful and this time he did not get injured. (source Kickboxing24.pl)


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