Wergi become World Champion for the first time!

On December 5, 2009, the sports and entertainment hall at Nowa Sola hosted the participants of the Champ Class Fight Night gala, sanctioned by the WKN organization. The competition took place under the slogan of the match “Poland versus the Rest of the World”, then in the duels of the evening – Paweł Jędrzejczyk and Tomasz Makowski fought for the title of a professional World Champion. A lot was happening – the city guard blocked the whole street in front of the hall because it was “overcrowded”. The audience filled all the vacancies, the atmosphere of the sports feast was felt within a 100-meter radius. Emotions of sports hung in the air. However, we were interested in the events in the ring itself.

The first point of the CFN gala program was the “Poland vs. World” match. As part of this match, there were 9 fights, and the best fighters of national rings performed on the white-and-red side. Łukasz Boom-Boom Pławecki started winning the duel, followed by Michał Tomczykowski, Marcin Parcheta, Robert Żytkiewicz and Rafał “Waleczne Serce” Petertil. Poland won 7-2, and the audience was boiling with happiness. The time has come for the main fighting of the evening!

Two “main events” have been planned. In the first of them, Paweł Wergi Jędrzejczyk  – he fought for the title of World Champion WKN with Angela Silva from Portugal (Q-1, 82 kg). Wergi started the fight quite uptight, and dramaturgy reached its zenith when, after hitting his head, Silva cut the eyebrow bow to the Pole. The judge had to interrupt the duel, however Janusz Janowski proved to be not only a great trainer, but also a cut-man. Restrained bleeding and battle was resumed.
In it, Wergi had a physical and technical advantage – visible at every step. He repeated his actions with his knee a couple of times, for which the judge gave him a warning, and Angelo Silva was so scared that he wanted to escape from the ring! However, the Portuguese coach blocked his path, and the fight returned to the regulatory framework again. Time elapsed in the following rounds, Jędrzejczyk defended the arched bow tightly, attacking with his knees, low-kickers and boxing combinations. There were blows to the corps, and the Portuguese lost every conception. Although in rounds 4 and 5 one could see the fatigue of both players – however, the advantage of the Wrocław resident was not discussed. After the last gong, his hand went up, and Cezary Podraza set him a World Champion belt. Congratulations!
Hala began to boil, because the ending of the 11th fight meant only one thing – now it’s time for the main course for the fans from Nowa Sól: Tomasz Makowski (Gwardia Zielona Góra) vs. Patrick Carta (Italy). The Italian is a very titled competitor, he defended the championship belt and was the favorite of international bookmakers. However, in Poland, no one had any doubts about whom to put …

Popular “Maku” who was preparing for this gala with Wergim min. shielding at Janusz Janowski, he began with strong low-kicks, after which Carta landed on boards every now and then, cut like an ax. The Italian legs with each action looked worse, with bloody bruises. However, Carta showed the incredible character of the warrior – he rose after each fall without a grimace of pain, quickly and efficiently. And he tried to shorten the distance by going to hard boxing exchanges. With the passage of time – still the effects of destructive Maka low-kicks were still not visible after Italy, the hard struggle continued. Although there was no doubt about the point advantage, Carta was dangerous until the last second of the duel. He hit the Pole a few times, although Makowski always did not remain indebted, kicking in on internal Low-Kits mercilessly. The fifth round ended with a very even fragment, but the score had to be unambiguous: all three judges assessed each round in favor of Makowski and announced him the World Champion. The audience stood up, applauding the local hero, and the inhabitant of Nowa Sól barely restrained his emotions. He thanked the sponsors, coaches and the public for fantastic support and lifted the championship belt in a gesture of triumph. And there was no end to applause!

Fantastic gala confirmed that Lubuskie kickboxing stands. Over a thousand people in the hall filled every free space, spontaneous reactions created a unique atmosphere. Cute models, an elegant guest house for the players and a really good level of sports of all fights – he created an explosive mixture of a real spectacle. Retransmission in TVP INFO, live broadcast of results at KiBo.pl – took care of the event’s media. And successes – Poland wins the match 7-2, Wergi and Maku come out with master belts. We are waiting for next events of this caliber!

Now, before Paul, a moment of rest. It is necessary to heal the dissected eyebrow arch, to recover from the very intense and strewn successes of 2009. There were many victories, but the path to the world career is just beginning. Keep your fingers crossed for more Wergi’s performances!

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