Wergi trains and fights in Thailand!

Like every year, Paweł and Tomasz Makowski are training hard and fighting in Thailand. Traditionally, after the arrival and short acclimatization, they started training in the friendly Sor Vorapin Gym. During the one-day rest they visited the ruins of the former capital of Thailand -Ajutaja, known from the legendary scenes from Kickboxer with Van Damm.

The next training stop was Lion Gym on the picturesque island of Phuket. After almost two weeks of staying, they went to the island of Samui, where they prepare for fights. One of the best trainers at WMC Camp is Nokweed Davy – a great fighter, recognized and respected throughout Thailand. Nokweed has fought 400 battles to this day. One of them with more than 35 kg heavier Jerome Le Banner, has gone down in history K1. Below is a short material from the preparations


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